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What Makes Us Different

What is this all about? Why is The Family Post different? Isn’t there better things out there that could help my family? Why do Seth & Kim think they have the right to tell other families how to live? Ok, these may not be the questions you are asking us, but they are the questions I have asked myself. So, let me answer them. Why do we think that we can help families through this ministry? To answer simply, we are “there” right now. At this moment, we are in the prime of the “family life.” We will not be telling you, “This is what we have done, and this will work.” We will be telling you, “This is what we are doing, and we have no idea what’s going on!” We are not experts, but our desire is to have a godly family that blesses other families. If you want a strong, biblical family unit, why not walk with us through this journey. We will share biblical ideas about how you can practically use what the Bible teaches in your everyday family life.

Seth Robinson

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