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How To Raise A Brat (Part 9)

Disclaimer: This series of posts is written in jest. If you cannot respond to sarcasm, please don’t read any further. 😉

Step #9 -- Never Spend Quality Time With Them

Be sure to spend time with your children. That is very important. Just don’t make it too special. We want to be able to look back someday and say that we spent time with them so we don’t feel like bad parents, but we don’t want it to get too personal at the moment. What if they start to expect time to be spent with them? What if they start to rely on your parental abilities? Also, quality time might pose a risk for conversations that might be uncomfortable and involve some thought and serious communication skills on our part. So, go ahead and keep the TV on and your head in your phone. As long as you are in the same room, it is time well spent.

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