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They Are Watching

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a blog post. We are in a very busy season of life. Actually, it’s kind of like every season of life for us, we are just handling this one differently. If that’s where you are at right now, let me remind you to take hold of the teachable moments that the Holy Spirit gives you throughout your life. I had one Sunday morning.

I was sitting on our couch doing some computer work before church. My daughter saw my sermon work on my computer. “Oh no! You’re doing your sermon on the mount study this morning? I’ll be in children’s church.” I was moderately surprised that she was this aware of my preaching schedule. I reassured her that I was working on the evening service. She would not miss this continuing series. She seemed relieved, but then she said, “Wait... is that all your notes?” I told her it was. “Ah...oh. It’s gonna be a long one.” I asked her why she would say that. “That’s not many notes. You always preach longer when you don’t have many notes. Head down...short sermon. Head up... long sermon. That’s the way it works. You preach on everything without your notes.”

Let me pause here to tell you that my daughter is 8. Yes, 8. Yet, she knows me that well. I was reminded once again that my children watch me. They watch everything that I do. They know me. I would venture to say that your children know you that well, too. Sometimes, we get so concerned about teaching our children to live right, that we forget they are watching us more than they are listening to us. Right now, what I do resonates much more than what I say. Be sure we are living what we are trying to teach. They are watching.

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