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How To Raise A Brat (Part 5)

Disclaimer: This series of posts is written in jest. If you cannot respond to sarcasm, please don’t read any further. 😉

Step # 5 — Never Teach Them The Bible

As parents, we must be sure that we give our children a solid education. They must know Reading, Math, English, Science, and History. That is not up for debate. Your children don’t have an option here, they must learn these things. But when it comes to the Bible, let’s just let them decide for themselves. Sure, make them go to school for 5 days each week to learn the “important” things, but a couple hours on Sunday is too much to ask. If they want to learn things about the Bible, they can always do that as an adult, when they have more time to do it.

Side note: The crying kid in this week's picture is my wife, Kim. I told you we were good at this "brat" thing.

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