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How To Raise A Brat (Part 7)

It’s been awhile since our last post. We have been busy implementing these steps in our own home and ran into a snag, but don’t worry, it’s been handled now. 😂 So, on to step number seven.

Disclaimer: This series of posts is written in jest. If you cannot respond to sarcasm, please don’t read any further. 😉

Step #7 -- Defend Them In School

You already know that your child can do no wrong, but don’t expect your child’s teachers and principals to know that. You will have to tell them. You can’t have your child getting in any trouble at school, so you better just go ahead and tell those teachers that if there is ever a rule broken at school, it was definitely not by your child. If a teacher happens to forget this “fact” the best way to handle this is to make a trip to the school and very loudly, and in front of your child, declare that your child absolutely did no wrong. Since we know our children have unmatched character, there is no need to listen to the teacher’s side of the story. That would just be a waste of time.

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