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Personal Note About The Family Post

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hi. My name is Seth Robinson. If you have stumbled across this website, you might find it unfinished. Our official start date for this ministry is set for October 12. Until then, if you find something that is out of place or seems funny right now, it is simply because we have no idea what we are doing. However, I would like to share my heart with you in this introductory post.

This ministry of The Family Post will contain a website, blog, podcast, and social media activity with the specific purpose of helping families live for the Lord. I know there are more and better options available than anything I or my family can do. Yet, I have learned this in the last couple of years, for some reason there are people that listen to me that won’t listen to others. I have fought the idea of starting this ministry for awhile, because I didn’t want it to look like I was just trying to gain a "following" or become more popular. Yet, I feel I need to do this. God confirmed this to me in several different ways back in the spring.

So why are we doing this? First of all, because we have a family. I have read books and books on the family and almost all of them come from the point of view “this is what we have done” and "this is what you should do." I am not being critical of those at all. Many of them have helped me and my family tremendously. Still, I think we need some help from people that are saying “this is what we are doing right now and we have no idea how it's going to turn out.” Times change so fast that books, except the Bible, become outdated so fast and the application is lost. Families need practical help right now. If we lose families, we lose churches. I want to give 21st century Biblical application to families. My Dad, who has been a pastor at the same church for over 45 years, always seemed to reach his generation where he was at. They grew up with him. They learned with him. They raised families with him. They grew old with him. I need to reach my generation, at my church, where I’m at. I want people to have the opportunity of hearing from someone who is “in the struggle.” I want to help those with kids at home and ones that have to make the daily decisions of "what’s best for my family?"

Let me end by saying this. I know I am out of my league doing something like this. There are more capable and smarter people than me. But when God leads, we should follow.

Oh, and why are we calling it The Family Post? Join us in October to find out!

Seth Robinson

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We will be praying for your new ministry.


We will be praying for your new ministry.


Bob Weido
Bob Weido
Oct 12, 2020

Excited about your new ministry!

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