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The Value Of A Family Meeting

While every family is different, I have learned that one of the biggest threats to family unity and spiritual growth is schedules that do not match. Remember, we can’t grow as a family together unless we spend time together. Yet, that can be difficult with the busy schedules that we all tend to keep. I know of a certain family where the dad is a pastor, the mom is a secretary, the son has guitar lessons, the daughter has violin lessons, the dad teaches at a Bible college, the mom has a side business making t-shirts and vinyl decals, the son has basketball games, the daughter has volleyball games, the other daughter has volleyball games, the dad is an athletic official, the mom is a “mom,” the son needs help with math, the daughter needs help reading, the other daughter needs someone to listen to her talk… a lot.

If you didn’t already guess, that family is mine. If you could tell me everything that you do and that your family is involved in, I’m sure it would be as crazy as ours. So, how do we do all of these things and still have time to see each other? We call it “The Family Meeting.” “The Family Meeting” can go a long way in decreasing the amount of stress that is caused by our busy schedules. While we don’t necessarily have a set scheduled time every week for our “Family Meeting,” we do make sure that we take the time to discuss what is coming up and make plans for our family time. So if you are having trouble just making the time to see each other, we suggest that you start having a “Family Meeting.” Have I said “Family Meeting” enough? I feel like I have. Anyway, what should be on the agenda at “The Family Meeting?”

1. What does everybody have on your schedule this week?

Listen to everybody. Don’t just schedule around your children. Your kids need to know that what they are doing is important, too. Give them an opportunity to feel like a “real part” of your family. “The Family Meeting” gives them an opportunity to do just that.

2. What can be changed or moved to another time and what has to stay the same?

Be willing to change your own schedule if you need to. Don’t just change your child’s schedule to match yours’. Being willing to make changes for your family will be seen by your children and they will learn to make changes for the sake of the family as well.

3. When can we schedule our family time that works with everybody’s schedule?

It is good to stay busy. There is nothing wrong with busy schedules, as long as it works for our family and not against our family.

4. Remember, you are the parents.

You are the CEO of your family. You have veto power on schedules. You may have to use it. Just be wise and unselfish when using your parental control.

Don’t leave your family time up to chance this week. Have a “Family Meeting.” Make a schedule. Make it happen.

-Seth Robinson

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