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Welcome 2021

Welcome to the first day of 2021. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break with your families. I know we did. It was good to have some extra time to spend together. However, it is time for us to get back to work. As we start a new year, it is always good to reflect on where we have come from. What started as an idea early last summer, led to the inception of The Family Post in October. So far, we have released 10 podcast episodes that have received over 500 downloads. Our blog posts have received over 400 views. We are still navigating our way through new territory. We are constantly learning how people consume media so that we can put this information in front of them. Some people prefer Facebook, others Instagram. Some hate anything to do with social media and prefer just to visit a website. Some are waiting for our Youtube content to start because they would rather watch than just listen. While we are continuing to grow this platform, we are thankful for the feedback that we have received thus far. Many private messages have come in that have really taken us by surprise. It has convinced us that we are heading in the right direction with the material that we are offering. While everything that we offer may not be relevant to your family at this stage of life, we believe that if you hang with us, we will be able to offer something that will be a help to your family. So without further ado, here are our goals for 2021.

Goals for 2021.

To continue building our podcast into a practical toolbox for Christians families.

To expand our website with articles on specific issues that plague the modern Christian home.

To get our youtube channel up and running with weekly practical tips that families can put into immediate use in their homes.

Needs for 2021.

Prayer— Pray that God would lead us in the direction that we need to take The Family Post. Pray that He would give us the time and wisdom needed to devote to this ministry.

Advertising— “Word of mouth” can be the best way to get the message out. If something that we have offered has helped you and your family, tell someone about it.

New Equipment— My personal computer has been sufficient for recording the podcast thus far. However, if we are going to start making videos this upcoming year, we will need a computer that can better handle video editing. While we are content using a cell phone, for good quality videos, in the future we will need to upgrade to a better camera as well.

Up to this point, this has been a mission project for our family. We have paid for everything out of pocket. This has included the website domain name and website hosting costs, the microphones and other equipment for the podcast, and the podcast hosting and publishing fees. While we have been glad to do this, as the ministry grows, we will not be able to continue covering all of the costs ourselves. We will not beg for money, or even ask for it, very often. I believe that if God intends for this ministry to grow, He will provide. But if you would like to help our ministry financially, you can purchase something from our website We will have more items available on there in the future. If you would prefer just to give a monetary gift to The Family Post you can send it to our church at the address below. Just be sure to specify that it is for The Family Post.

Trinity Baptist Church

P. O. Box 190

Bradford, AR 72020

We look forward to all that the new year has in store for our family and for yours. Thanks for all of your support.

Seth & Kimberly Robinson

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