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What you need to know about us

We are going to start this ministry with some introductory posts over the next few weeks. Before we just start telling you how to raise your family, you probably would like to know more about us and our purpose. I am a pastor. But before that I am a preacher of the Gospel. But before that I am a father. But before that I am a husband. But before that I am a child of God. Trying to keep these things in the proper perspective has been the story of my life. I have to be a good child of God before I can be a good husband. I have to be a good husband before I can be a good father. You can fill in the rest. Every Christian’s story can be similar to mine. We have family. We have jobs. We have our spiritual lives. Allowing all of these to work together can be difficult. If only there was a way that we could simplify this complicated process. Let me tell you a little secret… there is. We call it “practical Christianity.” You see, being a good child of God is not a 12 step process to become a better you. It is daily growing and maturing into what God wants us to be. It is a lifestyle. So is raising a godly family. It is making small decisions everyday that change the course of our family. That is why we are starting this ministry. I don’t want to tell you “big things” that will change your family overnight. The truth is, those don’t work. I want to give you “small things” that you can do. These things might seem insignificant over the course of a day or a week, but, hopefully, they will change the spiritual atmosphere of your family permanently.

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