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Writing On The Family Post

As I get started with this post, let me remind you what The Family Post is. Deuteronomy 6:9 says, “And thou shalt write them (God’s laws) upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.” These are visible, practical things that we do in our home and with our family that show what we believe about God. So the question is… what do we write on our family post? You see, this is the problem that I was facing as I tried to help other families in their journey for a successful family. I would try to give them biblical principles, but our conversations would usually go something like this…

Me: Teach your children right.

Them: Ok, but what exactly is right?

Me: The Bible says to bring your children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Them: What does that mean?

Me: That means that you just need to lead your home.

Them: Lead them where?

Me: In the ways of the Lord.

Them: Oh… so what are those ways?

Can you see the problem that I started to have? You see, I had the wonderful benefit of growing up in a home that practiced the Bible principles of the family. I saw it, therefore, I knew how to emulate it. What I slowly began to realize was that that was rare. Not many people have what I had. So when I would vaguely preach that they need to raise their family for the Lord, they may have had that desire, but they didn’t know how to do it when they got home.

While facing this constant struggle of helping others while also helping my own family, God led me to that passage of Scripture in Deuteronomy 6. I had never really thought about “the posts” before. Why would we write on our house? If we did, what would we write on it? It is out of this study that God worked in my life to show me just how practical His Word can be. The Bible gives us the principles of life, and the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to live out those principles in our life. So what can we do to “practically” write on the posts of our house? Great question. On our next blog post, we will give our recommendations for where we need to start. See you next week.

-Seth Robinson

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